474119At Runnymede School your son will be taught to be patient, responsible and diligent through the tending of animals, crops and gardens. Your son will be taught to be adventurous and visionary through building and wood working projects . Your son will be taught to be strong, sacrificial and courageous through sports and games. Along with his regular coursework the study of proverbs, reading great books and intellectual discussion will give your son the tools to be teachable, studious and thoughtful. Because boys must learn to honor and respect women, especially mothers, we will teach your son manners and masculine social etiquette. We all need to worship and be spiritually fed on a regular basis. Your son will attend church weekly at a family-centered church where he will receive Biblical teaching and find fellowship among believers.


Who are we?

step-1-2I am Bob Brandon, the director of the school but I will also be the one who is primarily involved with your son’s daily life. I am a credentialed teacher with over 20 years of experience working with young people through teaching, coaching and church involvement, including youth pastor. Much of those years were teaching in a large residential care facility where my dream of something better for young boys in trouble was fostered. I saw the need for a much smaller, intimate setting where each boy could receive the attention and training he needs. I am also the father of eight children and have been married to my partner in the vision of Runnymede, Susan, for 20 years. Susan and our family are also committed to being an integral part of the school and your son’s life.