Visit Runnymede

This visit is intended for parents only.

It has been our experience that parents who come visit Runnymede prior to enrolling their son have a much better perspective on how we run our school and what to expect. Although we understand that it may not be feasible for some parents in certain situations, we highly recommend that you make the time to visit before making the final decision to enroll your son.
When you visit you will meet Bob and Susan, Justin, and any other mentors on duty that day. You will meet the current students and see how they interact with each other here. You will have a tour of the buildings and property. You will have plenty of time to talk with Bob and Susan and ask questions so that you can feel at peace about your decision to entrust your son to us. You will see first-hand that this decision of yours is not something that we take lightly.
We are located near Springfield, MO and within 30 miles of the Springfield-Branson National Airport. We are also three hours from Kansas City International Airport.

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