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Here at Runnymede School we commonly deal with students diagnosed with: anger, minor drug use, ADD, ADHD, ODD, Aspergers, autism and autism-related behaviors, bi-polar, lying, stealing, lack of self-control, social anxiety, lack of motivation, learning disabilities, RAD and other adoption-related issues.

Runnymede is not a “lock-down” facility and is not for boys with serious drug issues or major criminal behaviors. Rather, boys at Runnymede will typically be from Christian homes and although they have been raised in the church, they are choosing to rebel against what they know to be true. Many of our boys are behind in school either due to lack of motivation or learning problems.

Due to the small enrollment size, we endeavor to match new students with the boys already enrolled. We utilize our application form and phone interviews with the parents to determine how each student would fit in.

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