Our Basic Program

Runnymede Boys Boarding School offers an intensive discipleship program that is structured to help the boy gain mastery over entrenched bad habits and behaviors and to instill foundational attitudes and behaviors that will prepare him to lead Godly lives. This program prepares young men for a disciplined life and encompasses three aspects:

Students are challenged to establish the disciplines of personal devotions, Scripture memory and Bible study. Students receive Biblical counsel on a daily basis as it pertains to their struggles along with weekly worship in a faithful church. Students are taught what true discipleship entails and how to be a disciple of Christ.

Physical fitness training provides a convenient classroom in which to learn self control and mastery over one’s physical body. Students will perform basic fitness exercises daily, and be tested to chart their improvement. Team and individual sports such as volleyball, wrestling, soccer, football, and track and field are also used as tools to teach self-control and build character. In addition to fitness there will be difficult, physical labor on the farm in the form of chores and work projects each day.  A strong work ethic will be fostered and modeled. Basic good hygiene, gentlemanly manners and proper use and wearing of clothing will be emphasized. Runnymede School is also concerned with nutrition and health. Students will learn about and practice healthy eating habits.

Runnymede School will design individualized curriculum for each student. One-on-one tutoring ensures that each student is able to excel academically. Our educational practices are tailored specifically to boys. We provide structure and order which all boys need to achieve academically.

At Runnymede Boys Boarding School we operate under a level system which is an objective way to gauge the student’s behavior and progress while here. All boys start on Level One and must earn each advance until they reach Level Five. Each level is designed to gradually offer the boys more responsibility and freedom as it is earned.

Junior Mentor Program (Optional)

Once a student has graduated from the program, an opportunity to become a Junior Mentor is offered. This is an open-ended program where the students will be given responsibilities that include the discipleship of Runnymede students, running work projects and fitness exercises as well as assisting the Mentors in their work. The focus as a junior mentor is on instilling the desire to take initiative (lead) over all aspects of his life.

Mentor (Optional)

For students who have graduated from the program and completed at least 6 months as a junior mentor and are age 18 or over, we offer an opportunity to be a Mentor at Runnymede School. This training equips spiritually-minded men with the disciplines and responsiveness necessary to serve effectively as men of God. The goal is to build Godly character and to incorporate Biblical values en route to manhood and service to others.

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