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So, what do you do now? Your son is disrupting the family setting and he needs help. You all need help…to have time to think, pray and seek counsel to decide what your family is going to do.

Struggling boys today have much to entice them. Although they are struggling with masculinity at the core, it manifests in a myriad of undesirable behaviors. In our modern world, these issues for struggling boys are often video game addiction, internet pornography use, a desire to identify with a deviant sub-culture, drug and alcohol use, defiance towards parents and other suthority figures, violence, and much more.

If your son is struggling with any of these issues, it is time to gain the help you need now. Runnymede Boys Boarding School may be the answer for your family. We offer a place for your son to tackle the specific issue he is struggling with. At our Christian Boarding School, your son will be mentored and counseled by Godly men who understand the struggling boys of today. Our atmosphere is one of peace while providing plenty of hard work, discipline, structure, and standards that all young boys need.

Out in the country at Runnymede School, struggling boys are removed from the enticements that have ensnared them. There is no TV, computers, video games, or internet access. No identification with any sub-culture is allowed. That is replaced with wholesome outdoor activities such as swimming, woodworking, canoeing, fishing, gardening, and caring for farm animals.

This is what Runnymede School offers. We will get him focused on his school work, help him deal with his behavior, instruct him in basic obedience and good manners, teach him to be thankful, and train him how to work. This is what he needs and what you need.

Please call us. We’d love to tell you more about Runnymede School and our vision for helping young boys with difficult behaviors to grow into mature and faithful young men.


Bob and Susan Brandon

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