Runnymede is not magic. It requires much hard work and perseverance on both the student’s part and the parents, as well. When your son graduates this program, he will have changed drastically. But, he will need the structure and discipline that Runnymede offers to be carried into the home environment at least to a partial extent if the changes are to be secured. When our parents endeavor to make necessary changes for their son that coincide with his new behavior, success is maximized

While your son is enrolled at Runnymede, we are in frequent contact with you as the parent. We will suggest changes as we get to know your family dynamics more.

Regular weekly phone calls are an important part of the Runnymede program. After gaining Level Two, monthly visits are allowed, as well. Two scheduled breaks throughout the year provide time for your son to go home for a short period to evaluate the current progress and to make plans for future progress.

Safety and promoting a nurturing atmosphere are of extreme importance to us. That is why we remain small and limit our maximum enrollment to eight students. We endeavor to make sure there are plenty of “eyes” on the boys at all times and well as foster an attitude of caring for each other that protects each boy.

We do accept boys who are currently on medications prescribed to correct behavior problems. However, we do request that we be allowed-with your permission-to wean him off medications as soon as we deem possible. Because this is a structured, closely-monitored environment, we feel it is an ideal situation to allow your son to learn to control his behavior without medical inducement. Of course, any medically necessary prescriptions will be followed on your doctor’s orders.

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