13 Greatest Moments of 2013!

Dear Friends and Family, we want to share with you the highlights, most memorable and greatest moments of  2013 here at Runnymede school.


We know that it is by the grace and sovereignty of God that our year was as blessed as it was. Entering a New Year will be difficult, amazing, challenging and exciting. New years bring new grace and redemption from the regrettable things that happened in the last year. We learn, we accept, and we get a chance to restart. But we do not want to move on without remembering and looking back on the most amazing times of our 2013 year. We want to share those memories with you! Let’s take a look.


  1. January 2013- We Celebrated Sam Fullers Graduation.

We are so proud of all the young boys that graduate from our school. We love them and will miss them.


Sam and Mr. Brandon

Here is Sam with Mr. Brandon

Sam's Graduation

Here is a group photo of the boys with Mr. Brandon at Sam’s Graduation.

2. April 2013-Completed Wood Projects.

Seth and Joe got to build some furniture for the farm and their projects turned out beautifully!

Joe's Bench

Joe’s Bench

And Seth’s Bookshelf.

And Seth’s Bookshelf.



3. May 2013-Chicken Mansion Construction and-Runnymede Crossfit “Program”

In May we began laying the foundation for our Chicken Mansion!

Laying the Concrete!

Laying the Concrete!

Putting up the siding.

Putting up the siding.


Later we had our Cross Fit Program! This was fun for the kids and very educational and healthy. They did pull-ups, push-ups, ran laps and more!




        4.   June-July 2013- Strawberry and Wheat Harvest

We love to farm and some of the benefits are seeing the finished product, the fruit of our hands, the profits of our labor! 😉



Harvesting the Wheat!

Harvesting the Wheat!


       5.   New Cow and Piglets

Meet our new milking shorthorn Pauline! We will be milking her. Her calves can be used for milking or beef.



       6.  June-July2013 -Seth and Joes Graduation.

Seth’s graduation. He is the boy in the middle with the red shirt and HUGE smile!

Group Photo!

Group Photo!

Joe's graduation and certificate!

Joe’s graduation and certificate!

7.  July 2013-Launch of our new website!

In July we launched our brand new website with new content, more information, new pictures and blog posts + more!

Screenshot of our site.

Screenshot of our site.


8.  August 2013- And the infamous Mud Slide.
The boys got to have tons of fun getting dirty this Summer slipping sliding and rolling in this huge mud puddle! You can watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151735520987920
Runnymede School for Boys


    9.   August-September  2013- Trip to Bass Pro and River Floating!

In August we took the boys to a Bass Pro in Springfield. They got to explore and enjoy looking at everything in the store. And on a Sunday in Sept. we had an open house after church. About 50 people came to play and swim and FLOAT down the river!

1098122_514683748600509_1175869424_n (1)

1002135_514683901933827_1744767933_n (1)



    10.  October 2013- Our Annual Reformation Dance.

Christ the King Church hosts a dance to celebrate Reformation Sunday every year. The boys had an opportunity to learn some new dances and have some fun!



       11.  November 2013 -Completion of Chicken Mansion and a Chicken Processing Day.

The boys took on a big project this spring and started building a chicken house in May. We laughingly call it the “Chicken Mansion” because it is huge! 24′ x 16′.  It can hold tons of chickens! Then we processed some chickens for eating.




photo 2

12.  November 2013 – Thanksgiving at Runnymede!

We started off with some turkey processing and on Thanksgiving morning we had our 2nd annual “Turkey-Bowl” (flag-football)! And of course dinner was delicious…


_DSC0332 (1)



      13.  December 2013 -Some Snow and our Christmas Picture!

We got some snow and decided to take a Christmas picture to send to all of our wonderful friends and family who support our school.

Here is what our Christmas card looked like. You can view it online here: http://conta.cc/1e67Tt9


Thank you all for reading and being a part of our 2013 year. We look forward to serving and blessing more students and families in the coming year.  Thank you and God bless!


Happy New Year!


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