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We are a Boys Boarding School located near Walnut Grove, Missouri. As a Christian boarding school for boys aged 9-16 we focus on personalized counseling, discipling, and mentoring while living on a working farm. Our goal is to provide the structure and discipline that will help your son “put off” bad habits and behaviors, while they “put on” new productive, Godly behaviors.

Our unique environment provides a setting where every experience and practice guide in changing bad habits and, with God’s help, renewing their minds. We are dedicated to providing a safe, Christian, and family atmosphere that will encourage and train struggling boys to be the Godly young men that parents, churches and communities can be proud of. Our goal is to provide early intervention and prevention to help struggling boys reach their full potential and to become well-rounded Christian young men.

Rural Setting

Boys need forests, rivers, grass and streams to play in. Fishing, camping, exploring and building tree houses are powerful for healing and Runnymede Home for Boys has all that a boy could want.

Faith Based

Our philosophy revolves around raising up young men who are faithful worshipers, faithful laborers, and faithful husbands by instilling a biblical foundation in their lives that will last a lifetime.

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Can’t believe the day is finally here to take Justin home! It was the best decision that we ever made to send Justin to Runnymede, but it was also one of the most difficult. The change in Justin with your guidance has been nothing short of miraculous. We are so hopeful and happy to have him return to us. This process has not only helped Justin but has also allowed family healing and spiritual growth. We are cautiously optimistic that we are up to the challenge and ready to take the reigns.

Greg & Renee M.

He shows tremendous improvement in respect, politeness, and willingness to help others or start things himself, while having come a long way in his reading skills. For the first time, he is proud of who he is and of what he does, which he admits is because of what he has learned at Runnymede. We received praise from other people because of his behavior and actions. We can tell he is more mature now and we look forward to seeing the impact of all that in his future. Thank you and the rest of the staff for your role in it! Keep up the good work!


Our son surprised both of us with his excellent behavior and good manners while he was home on break. We were a little concerned about how he might be when it came time to return to Runnymede but he only mentioned twice that he would prefer to stay home and very willingly and cooperatively packed his things and returned. He excepted not playing any video games or having cell phone use and limited TV time without any issues. We spent a most enjoyable time with our son.


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